Sunday, November 29, 2009


full of love
you flew into me; mistakenly.
You are beautiful.
your voice is like nothing i have ever heard.
sweet lullabys dance on your tongue
fill me with hope
maybe, my time has come
my wish shall come true.

this never happens.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

sunny nights

hello. we meet again.
does anyone else have a dog who deliberately will play with toys (bouncy balls in this case) right near, oh i dunno, a couch, or dresser, and somehow mysteriously lose the ball under said furniture? it's cute the first three times, but seriously! as soon as one of us fetches the lost ball, sparky is at it again, playing near furniture he knows it will get lost under. Anyways, it's kind of entertaining to watch it unfold, especially the look on his face when the ball rolls under the dresser and he can't get it. priceless.

 one of the MANY bouncy balls sparky has. no joke, there everywhere!

So I guess this blog is going to turn into more of a "everyday" adventure blog, with some food included, but more so my everyday life. Or just musings I like to think up. Is that cool? okay, nice. Oh, my mom and I are going grocery shopping tomorrow. Ya why would I blog about this? I don't know.. I think it's because i'm an  out of college student who hasn't written a resume yet and is poor! and I live of fresh fruit and veggies, and we are running out of fruits and veggies right now. And I don't feel like going out and spending the little $$ I have to live on, on food. My mom shops uber healthy and basically I can't wait for our fruit bowl to look like this again:

SO BEAUTIFUL, right? I love fruit, I fruit fast all the time! Actually, the majority of the food I eat is fruit. Right now, seeing as my family has eaten most of the fruit in the fruit bowl, I'm dying for some more, especially grapes ( I can live of them - no joke) So tomorrow will be awesome. Spending time with my mom and picking out my favorite fruits, which she will graciously buy, YES.

THIS JUST IN --> I really do not like texting. like, really. I wish I could peace out from the world of cellphones, but I need it to keep in touch with my parents when I'm not at home, which right now is never.. haha. enough of my hermit style life, but honestly! I wish people talked on the phone more. No more mis-construed messages! Oh what a treat, can you imagine! seriously though, we are all turning into non confrontational robots.  but hey, thats our tech savy society for us!
on another note, people need to grow up, why is everyone 20 years old so immature? Is drinking seriously the coolest thing to do on a saturday night? Also, why are some people so close minded? oh well.

Wow, I can't wait to start nursing, (must make resume). I miss the hospital and the people/patients, it really helped put my mind at ease. I will get a job there, I need to! Then I can share funny stories, totally anoymous.. of course. Like how HORRIBLE some doctors writing is, "wth does that say?" "uuh looks like the doctor ordered a long light switch for the patient?", "um what? how is that even a order, and wait.. wth?". True story, one of my patients kept asking for an extenstion for her overhead light because the one she had didn't work? I dunno, moral of the story, the doctor wrote an ORDER for one. Yes, an order, OY! I think she just needed some STAT lorazepam and a nice 7.5 mg dose of zoplicone.. mmm sleeeeepytime. Just kidding!
- nnnnnnnnnnnight

Friday, November 20, 2009


I'm back or rather, I'm bored.
I've been feeling pretty down lately, good times.

I have been using Coconut oil as my daily mosturizer, ya, i slather it all on my face, it's beautiful. It's healthy, clean and light. I love it. If need be I can cook with it as well. yay.

mmmm, coconut.

I have also been dining in the raw non stop, I love it, so yummy. I found this awesome recipe for salad dressing too, it's SO good, and I've been using it non stop. I made a few changes.. here is my version, I take no responsibility in creating the gorgeous flavour of it. I found it on the Gone Raw website.

Easy peesy salad dressing
  • 1/4 cup water
  • splash of braggs (to taste, can easily take over the dish)
  • splash of apple cider vinegar, or juice of 1/2 a lemon
  • 2-3 tablespoons nutritional yeast ( i like lots, again to taste)
  • 1 clove of fresh garlic, grated
  • 1 inch cube of fresh grated ginger
mix all ingrediants together and adjust to fit your taste. Let veggies marinate in sauce or pour over salad.

I also just made melted carob syrup to dip fruit in, It's yummy i guess, It's weird, my tastebuds don't know if they like carob, love carob or don't like it at all. Make p your mind! I mixed the melted mess with a splash of soy milk to make it a bit creamier and some maple syrup, not bad, not bad.

Well, enough of that now.. anyways I find I'm really getting into animal advocacy, and buddhism, weird. My brother is reading my book right now on buddhism, as we speak. His girlfriends mom is buddhist! I had no idea, how rad is that!? And my brother is interested in it to? Wow. The things you learn on a daily basis. Anyways, I always think of these things in my head then research the crap out of them or read up on them. It's how I have been spending my time. I wish more like minded people were around, but hey, "enlightening" my mom works just as well. mwhaha. I believe everyone should practice compassion toward every living being. We have NO right taking animals lives for our pleasure. We are so greedy. Ok I'll stop now. I randomly rant sometimes.. You should ch-ch-check these sites out though.

Earthlings: Online movie
The Cove: Dolphin Slaughter
Farm Sanctuary
Food Inc: Hungry for Change?

teehee. I had to share :) just spreading the love and suttle advocacy! Also, I watched the documentary Food Inc. Last night, Oh. My. Word. The food industry is completely screwed, we as humans are completely screwed if we don't act now for change, change from GMO crops, change from Factory farms (my arch nemesis), change from food borne illness' (e.coli on spinach? WTF?) change for the way food is priced. How can it be a bag of chips is cheaper then a head of lettuce? What is that telling people? I'm sorry, the whole industry makes me so angry. so so so angry, I could rant for days, this is why I only buy from  the produce section. But what if that is taken over? which it will be in time!

cute picture of the post!